Founding Members Club WHITELIST

Join our whitelist-only tFMC NFT Drop by filling the form including a correct Ethereum Address below and follow us on Twitter (LINK). This will be verified by the Team. 

The first 1.000 addresses which signed up, will be directly added to the whitelist. In addition, these addresses will get access to mint 1 of 1.000 exclusive Achievement Badges NFT. The badge can be shown in your future trustedd Profile.  

Once the first 1000 addresses have been added, new whitelist spots will be randomly given away through all other verified whitelist participants and special giveaways through some influencer and more.

We will announce when the Whitelist will close 24h prior on twitter. Secure your Founding Member 3D Avatar now. 

To be accepted on the whitelist you must enter a valid Ethereum address and follow us on twitter.

For Experts & Businesses

Experts and businesses, especially in B2B, have found it hard to build a transparent reputation and miss out on revenue due to missed clients or potential users. On the other side, businesses have to go through an extensive research process to find the right partners, services, products, and employees. trustedd connects users through shared and curated content. Within seconds you can identify potential partners, trustedd projects, and strip down the first phase of the recruitment process.

For Traders & Investors

Traders and Investors rely on the information they consume. Fast and accurate information is key to success for any trader and investor. trustedd incentivizes content sharing on the platform. In the future, we will go even further and let users directly invest in projects through a launchpad with many surprises for Founding Members. 

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