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  • 29 Nov 2021 @ 15:02
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We want to welcome our first public member to the Founding Members Club of our new Social Media Platform & Marketplace! 

We are excited to announce that Florian Wimmer and will be joining our Founding Members Club. Florian Wimmer, a Forbes 30 Under 30 winner, is the co-founder and CEO of Blockpit AG. He is passionate about various things such as technology and cryptocurrency, amongst others. You might be wondering, what is Blockpit? Well, one complex topic in the cryptocurrency market is correct taxation and anti-money laundering, Blockpit provides compliance solutions to solve these problems. 

Blockpit is designed to bring trust and transparency to a blockchain-based financial market by providing you (whether you are a trader, investor, or enterprise) with the right crypto compliance solution to suit your needs. Through the Blockpit platform, the gap between consumers and authorities on a global level will be bridged as the readily accessible platform is designed to change and adapt to new regulations.

Florian chooses trustedd as Blockpit’s community platform to further grow and accelerate not only the community and brand but to educate about taxation and regulation around the world. Besides transparent product and company updates, you will be able to discover related information and guides e.g about taxation in various countries, expert interviews, and other unique content. Moreover, we feel honored to get this response:

“trustedd is one of the best approaches in the direction of a self-organized ecosystem I have seen. A solution is desperately needed when it comes to quality information and product sharing.”

Florian Wimmer, Forbes 30 under 30, CEO of

What makes this announcement amazing is that it will help us further realize our goal to increase brand growth, knowledge growth, and network growth. Our main mission is to educate & collaborate to foster innovation, adoption of crypto by offering the finest possible products and services. One of the major problems faced by many is the fear of being a victim of a scam, this makes it hard for people to be more receptive to exploring new technologies like cryptocurrency.

With trustedd, the uncertainty of misinformation and scams which are rampant on the internet is alleviated because trustedd has an underlying decentralized trusted layer and an intuitive user experience. Also, the transparency of the environment on trustedd makes it easier for users/consumers to access curated information, find relevant projects and products, make inquiries/ask questions, verified users, or perhaps jobs in the future.

Being one of the 10.000 members of the Founding Member, (whether you are a person, business, or brand) represents your desire to promote innovation and new technology adoption through education and collaboration. You can be a part of this by entering the Whitelist, through which you, your brand, or organization can join the revolution and acquire your Founding Member NFT.

Some other benefits are that you will receive free access to a future high-tier membership plan, special deals, and early access as a member of the trustedd ecosystem's exclusive Founding Members Club. 

Though to share information on trustedd, you will be required not only to hold a Founding Members Club NFT, but you also have to apply for a contributor invite code, which you can do through this link.

We are excited to get closer to fulfilling our mission and announcing more Founding Members in the coming days and months. Stay tuned.

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Through the communities in the trustedd Ecosystem, we want collectively foster innovation and adoption of blockchain technology through education & collaboration.

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