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It's time! Later in November (date TBA), we will go into a pre-launch phase and open trustedd for the 'first 50' users. Each of them will also get an exclusive 'first 50' badge on their profile. 

To get early access, you must fill out an application. We are very selective about the users we invite. If you are in, we will get in touch with you and send you an exclusive invite code. Depending on your application, we will invite you as a subscriber, contributor, or business member. 

Bonus: The first ten chosen members will have the chance to become an exclusive "Launch Member Badge". 

As the name suggests, the contributor account is for those who want to publish information and start to build a reputation in their niche. 

As a business or professional member, you get all the benefits the platform has to offer. In addition to building a transparent reputation in your niche, you will be able to add services and products that you or your brand provides.

A subscriber can interact with the content. For example, you can comment on or react to a post, send messages, or follow users on the platform. 

All the content will be publicly available for everybody — no paywall, no account, no display advertising. 

We want to prove different use cases of our platform. First, we will focus on the information technology industry. Then, we will grow from there into others. Within this, we are looking for the following: 

  • Contributors
  • Publications
  • Consultants
  • Startups
  • Startup Accelerators
  • Business users


Our goal of the pre-launch is to get enough feedback and testing, so we can move further and bring trustedd to more people. 

To make full use, we require users who want to become contributors or business members to have an active,  topic-related blog (personal or business) or medium account/publication.

Here, you can find some important questions and answers: 

Questions and answers: 

How can I benefit from trustedd?

With trustedd, you can benefit in two ways: 

- As a consumer, you will discover trustworthy information, users, products, and services in the topics that interest you. You will be able to dive deep into a topic and educate yourself with the best information. 

- As a contributor, you will be able to build a reputation transparently in your niche by sharing and curating information. Through the trust you build, you will be able to generate high-quality leads when you add your services and products to your profile. 

Can I republish my content on trustedd?

Yes, you can republish your content and add a canonical-tag to prevent duplicate content. We made the process of onboarding on the platform as easy as possible. We offer an importer, which lets you import a post. For this, we use a third-party service, and we can't import all set formatting. 

Is my invite guaranteed once I apply for it?

No. We can't guarantee any invites. Every invite will be hand-selected. Please keep this in mind when you fill out the form. We won't accept users who do not provide sufficient information.

Will I be able to invite other users once I have a trustedd account?

While invitations are an essential part of building a reputation on the platform, this feature will be disabled in the beginning. 

Why are we launching trustedd this way?

Our goal is to receive valuable feedback and find any bugs and errors that our users encounter. We also want to create a positive user experience and find the right market fit.

What will be next?

Once we are ready to go in the next phase, we will open the platform to more users on the waitlist. We will also give you the ability to invite members to grow the network. The platform will remain an invite-only community for contributors and businesses for an unforeseen amount of time. You can also find more information in our guide on how we will launch

If you have additional questions, let us know through Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

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