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Why us

There are ‘experts’ out there and then, there are experts. But how do you know how to differentiate the real group of experts from the wanna-be-ones if you’re no expert in any given field yourself? That’s the real question.

And it was one that Christof Wallner was facing while he needed to look for experts and service providers to contribute to a new project idea he had. The idea was to put together a new, independent online magazine with a knowledge-base, and a place for experts to take the stage and share their voice.  Christof interviewed and evaluated countless experts in different technological fields. The same questions kept coming up:

How can a business get started with this ‘fill-in-the-blank new technology’?

How can companies evaluate the potential without being an expert in that field?
How to avoid getting the wrong information or even, getting scammed from self-proclaimed experts?

And that’s when it hit him!
The infamous a-ha moment.

He knew the importance of accurate information.  He realized how hard it was to find trustworthy, capable and talented business partners. He was amazed at how difficult it was to find out exactly from whom information on a topic came from. That’s when TRUSTEDD was born. To disrupt the vicious cycle of ill-informed sites on the web and dive deep into finding true experts to share their expertise on any topic.

Not only that, Christof wants to give everybody the opportunity to dive into any topic and educate themselves with the best information. The TRUSTEDD mission goes beyond:

Due their own creativity and the newly learned knowledge, everybody should be able to create, fund and bring his own ideas directly to the right audience and connect with the right – trusted – collaborators of any field of business to change the world with new and/or improved services and products.

How we do it

University degrees and professional experiences are a thing of the past when it comes to the field of business. Things are moving too fast in this world. New technologies are created and implemented daily.

A bullet-proof reputation nowadays is built around trust. Trust you’ve achieved and earned by sharing your unique knowledge and experience. And by sharing your expertise, the right individuals connect with each other. Regardless of, if it’s startups, established businesses, universities or companies.

You see, on, the shared information gets curated by the community.

For great content and other contributions on the platform, the user accumulates POINTS for their reputation. The trustedd score of an individual or a company reflects the activity and efforts to prove his expertise in the topics he contributed to. So, you will be able to compare potential partners within a specific topic in seconds.

To incentivize the sharing of knowledge and supportive collaboration, we encourage users through action and let them promote their services, software, and apps on their profile.

By putting these things together, you’ll feel confident in knowing which experts, services and software are legitimate and worthy of your trust – WITHOUT having to waste time on extensive research. It does not matter whether you are a big corporation, an individual with specific knowledge or, a startup who wants to change the future: Skip the buzzwords and share what you got.

This way you’re going to establish yourself as a true innovator and help others educate themselves with real information that will help them in turn, gain new customers and collaborators.

What we do

To make our vision a reality at the highest possible scale, we give you the software, data and the right environment. Together, we are not only building a new platform but rather, a new ecosystem where information is key.  You will get a clean interface and an intuitive user experience you deserve.

We focus on what is important so you can find what you are looking for. We got rid of irritating display advertising or paywalls. We want the best information to be FREE and accessible for everybody. Read and learn from your fellow experts, educate yourself and find collaborators. Build up your reputation and earn trustedd points through your own contributions. Watch, how your work attracts others who now hold trust in your expertise. In the future, you will be able to get sponsored by other users as well.  

On, you don’t pay for content – not even indirectly.

Our business model is built on services, software, and in the future – a paid, monthly subscription.

To write posts now or, promote your offers, you have to have an invite code. To get one, you have to be invited by our team or a friend, co-worker, partner who already has an invite-code.

If you get this invite-code you will gain access to the full power of the platform but you can also invite a specific amount of users to contribute and collaborate. Like in the real world, you will earn continuous trustedd points with each person you invite.

Become an early adopter today and part of a new ecosystem built on education and collaboration. Together with us, build a new way of how we do business and accelerate the adoption of new technologies.

Join the waitlist now and immediately get the exclusive and limited “Early Adopter” Badge.

On you can grow your knowledge, your brand, your network of clients and partners like never before!

What we want to achieve

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Thrilled to help bringing the right people together to help anybody who wants to find and work with what they are passionate about.

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