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trustedd is a platform designed to foster the growth of knowledge, business development, and innovation. We want to bring back trust in the information we consume and bring the right people together to educate, collaborate and grow. 

While LinkedIn has come to dominate the business world online, the fact is that it has become woefully outmoded. It is hard to use, and people expect executives to go to network and conduct hiring, few people trust the content as a statistic shows. On the other hand, there are platforms like medium.com, which are easy to navigate, full of information, but it is more focused on publishers. The value for businesses and professionals are limited, although many companies successfully grow an audience there.

Spending too much time, wasting too many resources, failing to drive results, users expect more from their online experiences, and we want to give it to them.

We are building a platform that makes users feel confident in the content they are consuming, the connections they are forming, and, results they can achieve.

What makes trustedd different?

In a lot of ways, the internet is like the wild west of information. Anything goes, and anyone can say anything they want to say. There are benefits to this, but when you are trying to sift through everything to try to find the best information, it can be tough. It is also tough on the creators, who struggle to build a reputation for themselves and their businesses, costing them opportunities to generate leads and sales based on their contributions.

The trustedd platform is different: this is a place where we reward trustworthy information and incentivize contributions. At trustedd, our mission is to offer people the freedom to educate themselves and connect with one another, sharing knowledge and collaborating on projects to move forward professionally, grow businesses, and foster innovation.

What are the benefits of trustedd?

Everyone who uses trustedd will benefit from it. Visitors and consumers will be able to discover top-quality, trustworthy information, products, and services without disturbing banners or paywalls. Contributors and business members will get to build their reputations transparently within their respective industries, sharing and curating information like case studies, reports, analyses, commentaries, updates, and other content. Furthermore, business members can generate high-quality leads, advertising their products and services directly in their profiles, and benefit from the reputation they build transparently.

The central premise of trustedd is that everyone is offering a value of some sort, even if that value is only consumption. Long-term, we believe that trustedd will be good not only for our users but for humanity at large.

How does someone join trustedd?

Getting started on the platform is simple. Once we will launch officially, anyone can create an account, becoming a free subscriber. Contributors and business members, on the other hand, need to receive a unique invite code.

To get an invite code, just fill out our application form completely. We are very selective about the users we invite to contribute. Another way will be to get an invite code from another contributor or business member who is already on the platform. We will publish more information in the coming weeks. 

This is trustedd and how we reimagine education and collaboration. If you also want to change the way how we find trustworthy information, disrupt the way how we do business and foster innovation, join us:  

Twitter | Linkedin | Facebook or request early access!

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Through the communities in the trustedd Ecosystem, we want collectively foster innovation and adoption of blockchain technology through education & collaboration.

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For Experts & Businesses

Experts and businesses, especially in B2B, have found it hard to build a transparent reputation and miss out on revenue due to missed clients or potential users. On the other side, businesses have to go through an extensive research process to find the right partners, services, products, and employees. trustedd connects users through shared and curated content. Within seconds you can identify potential partners, trustedd projects, and strip down the first phase of the recruitment process.

For Traders & Investors

Traders and Investors rely on the information they consume. Fast and accurate information is key to success for any trader and investor. trustedd incentivizes content sharing on the platform. In the future, we will go even further and let users directly invest in projects through a launchpad with many surprises for Founding Members. 

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