trustedd Kickstarts its Google & Apple Web 3 Alternative with a 3D Art Avatar NFT Collection

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  • 11 Mar 2022 @ 15:03
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Update: The Founding Member NFT Sale was canceled. Important: There was never any token or NFT minted. Please be aware of scammers or impersonators. For security reasons the Discord is shut down. More information will be released when and how trustedd will be launched.

The team at trustedd is excited to announce the release of its limited 3D Art Avatar NFT Collection. With trustedd, users will be able to trust information, projects, products, and services before doing any research on them.

To fulfill this, trustedd is releasing a limited 3D Art Avatar NFT Genesis Collection consisting of 10,000 Founding Members on the Blockchain with the purpose to build a Community of Innovators dedicated to Changing the Face of Modern Business and Education.

trustedd Gateway To New World Order

Trustedd is a new cutting-edge Web 3 Ecosystem dedicated to revolutionizing modern innovation and education by establishing a transparent and validated community that deems one another trustworthy. Through this, trustedd users have the opportunity to build a transparent trustedd score and safely connect with the right people, and find the exact services and products they are in need of within seconds, entirely eliminating the process of resource-heavy research prior to starting new collaborations, projects, or businesses.

The new ecosystem will connect all realities through one experience to make trustedd the Gateway into Web 3 for Businesses and Individuals.

Watch trustedd's message in the first video trailer 'It is time to wake up!' which was created with a trustedd 3D Avatar.

trustedd Ecosystem

Trustedd is an open cross-device operating environment that can connect all realities with one user experience. The trustedd experience will be accessible through any device that is connected to the internet. In comparison to alternatives like the Google & Apple Ecosystem, trustedd is a user-base and user-oriented ecosystem. It will be built, curated, and governed by its users under a legal Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Generated revenue will be distributed back to the Ecosystem, its users, and the DAOs Reserve. In light of this, any user will be able to earn rewards, for example, by watching specific videos, answering questionnaires, sharing information, or even helping others. Developers and businesses don't have to give up substantial amounts of the revenue made, but instead it will help build a secure environment and help connect more users with their communities, which anyone involved can benefit from.

To make the environment independent and accessible for anyone, trustedd will exist as a Web 3 OS and as a native trustedd OS in the future.

Web 3 Platform

The Web 3 OS Platform, will be accessible through any browser and will bring back ownership and privacy to all users. Created Posts and Videos, or listed Apps, Products and Services will be minted as NFTs. The Home Screen will resemble a clean Mobile OS like interface, where you can control and customize everything from widgets and shortcuts to the content you want to have recommended to you.

Native OS For OEMs And Community

Once the Web 3 Operating System is launched, the future native trustedd OS will bring the trustedd experience to the next level.

As an alternative to iOS, Android and Windows, we aim to bring ownership and privacy right into your hands, where your input transforms into digital information. Instead of an old  Web 2 Service like Gmail or iCloud, you will be able to access your device with your trustedd Web 3 Account, where only you have access to your data.

The trustedd Web 3 & Native OS will work together to ensure an unseen continuous user experience. With the native trustedd browser and future integrated cloud computer service, all users will get great performance when creating or using 3D content, editing videos, or playing games, even on low cost hardware.

To bring this vision to life in the fastest and most decentralized way possible, the trustedd Founding Members Collection will be marked as the foundation of the ecosystem. We will invest proceeds and continuously generated secondary royalties into the ecosystem and the launch of its platform.

Founding Members NFT Collection

Trustedd is proud to announce the release of its Founding Members NFT Collection as a symbol of its mission and vision to foster innovation and the adoption of new technologies.

The Founding Member NFTs will be released on the Ethereum blockchain and come to life as an exclusive membership for the new Ecosystem, available to individuals, businesses, and brands alike who share the values and vision of trustedd. The Founding Members Genesis Collection is limited to 10.000 Avatars, but there are millions of unique trustedd 3D Avatars to come for each future trustedd User.

The trustedd Founding Members Avatars are through machine-learning generated 3D Avatars that are both individually unique and come with a functional design. Like a fingerprint, every Avatar has its own uniquely generated design, making it easy to visually distinguish them from another, giving individuals and businesses the option to build a memorable and recognizable brand around their artwork.

The trustedd 3D Avatars can be seen as the 'iPhone of NFTs' to ensure utility. Users can utilize their Avatars directly in Metaverses, Conference Calls like Zoom, and in the future even as your private Virtual Assistant as an alternative to current Voice Assistants within the trustedd Ecosystem. In addition, holders of the NFT will receive access to continuously updated Source Files as well as commercial rights for personal or brand usage.

As a demo, the first official trustedd video trailer, 'It is time to wake up!' was created with the 3D Avatar which will be available for Founding Member NFT Holders only a few days after the official NFT Sale.

Exclusive NFT Genesis Collection Sale

Trustedd will implement a Dutch Auction system to launch its Genesis Collection at the beginning of March 2022. That will allow the community to set the price of the NFTs. A Dutch Auction is a market structure in which the price of something offered is determined after all bids arrive at the highest price at which the total offering can be sold.

The generated sales revenues will be used to build the planned Web 3 ecosystem at an unseen speed through collaboration and an efficient Merge & Acquisition strategy, while a part of it will be donated to support & help rebuild Ukraine. 

In this type of auction, investors place a bid for the amount they are willing to buy in terms of quantity and price. The starting price for the Dutch Auction will be 100 ETH and once the bidding begins, the price of the NFT will decrease by 1 ETH every 8 minutes until it is either sold out or hits the set floor price of 1 ETH.

The price for the Genesis Collection is set unusually high, but it will allow the project to build the ecosystem in a more decentralized way, without the need for Venture Capitals or outside Investors in the early stages. As a user-first environment, anyone who wants to join the ecosystem will be able to sign-up for a free Airdrop of the upcoming trustedd token before the launch of the planned regulated Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in Switzerland. Once this is set up, any user and investors can directly mint the token from the DAO.

To ensure security, the generated proceeds from the NFT sale will be secured by an industry-leading Custody Provider. In addition, all transactions will be monitored by Chainanalysis, a leading KYT (Know Your Transaction), to stay compliant with local and global regulations, and safely interact with emerging technology regulations.

Advantage Of Founding Members

Benefits of joining the Founding Members include an exclusive Membership, access to future NFT drops, airdrop of trustedd's social token $trustedd, early access to contribution rights, new features on the ecosystem, exclusive invites to events, free and discounted Hardware, and much more. To be a part of the Founding Members is to be a part of an inner circle breaking ground on breakthrough innovations and next-gen developments.

"Any holder of the Founding Member NFT, no matter if a person, a business, a brand, or organization symbolizes that he or she wants to foster innovation and the adoption of new technologies through education and collaboration." – Christof Wallner, CEO & Founder

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between blockchain technology and mainstream adoption, trustedd's purpose-driven vision can come to fruition with the release of the Founding Members NFTs.

About trustedd

Trustedd is a new and revolutionary ecosystem to easily onboard users into Web 3, which will transform into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization to give control and privacy back to the people. Founded in late 2018 by Christof Wallner, trustedd reimagines how modern business and education function to effectively usher in a new era of transparency, innovation, and trust using blockchain technology.

In doing this, trustedd can easily and securely onboard businesses and new users into the next generation of the Internet, while simultaneously cultivating a powerful community committed to growth. Trustedd empowers users to grow their personal reputation, business, or brand while collaborating with like-minded users to effectively transform the current state of how we do business, education and to accelerate innovation in the real and virtual worlds.

AI Disclaimer: This content was entirely written by the author.
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trustedd is a consolidation of several web services with an seamless UX and a transparent review system, allowing you to find trustworthy information and products in seconds, instead of months.


trustedd is a platform designed to foster the growth of knowledge, business ...




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