Launches Community-Curated Everything Platform to Accelerate AI Safety and Research

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  • 2 Jun 2023 @ 19:26
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In an era marked by the rapid growth and evolution of digital content, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the trustedd MVP (minimal viable product) – a user-curated everything platform and next-generation ecosystem.

This user-driven ecosystem is designed to simplify the internet for you by consolidating several web services into one seamless user interface. You can find trustworthy information, products, and collaborators in seconds instead of months of research and directly take action. It fundamentally changes how users interact with digital content, acting as a compass in a time where the internet is more like the wild west of misinformation and scams. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), this problem got infinitely magnified, as there is basically no limit to the amount of content that can be created at almost no cost.

trustedd introduces a unique transparent scoring system and a planned future decentralized artificial general intelligence called ‘Athena’. The synergy of these tools is set to redefine the process of discovering and trusting digital content, products, and collaborators, providing a much-needed solution to the labyrinth of information that constitutes today's digital realm.

Trustworthy Content in the Digital Age

The unprecedented accessibility to information and content also birthed an array of challenges. Users are often overwhelmed while attempting to navigate the vast seas of digital content in search of accurate and trustworthy information, and technologies like AI are evolving faster than humans can comprehend.

Athena – the planned A(G)Itrustedd was conceived to tackle this problem head-on. We aimed to simplify the process of navigating digital content. Our solution is the trustedd scoring system, a comprehensive, user-friendly system that facilitates users' ability to assess the reliability of content. This unique system combines weighted user reviews and expert insights to combine them into one sophisticated score. This integrated approach presents users with a well-rounded view of content and product reliability.

Fine tuned with the user-curated information of the trustedd ecosystem, we believe we will get the most trustedd AI system in the future. Athena, when implemented, will offer users a completely new level of interaction, acting as personal virtual assistants, or 1-unlimited virtual employees, and changeable avatars for companies. It will help guide users along their digital content journey, making the interface effortlessly intuitive.

The Future of the Internet

We firmly believe that users should be a part of the content assessment process. By contributing and curating content, users play a direct role in influencing their trustedd score. This interaction contributes to a digital content landscape that is more transparent, reliable, and user-oriented.

Additionally, we designed a reward system to acknowledge and appreciate the valuable input of our users. As users gain reputation through consistent, reliable assessments, the weight of their evaluations progressively increases. This feedback loop continually enhances the accuracy and credibility of our scoring system, contributing to its overall efficiency and effectiveness of trustedd.

About trustedd

trustedd, founded by Christof Wallner in late 2018, aims to become the most private and frictionless alternative to existing ecosystems like Google and Apple – governed and controlled by its users through a future decentralized organization.

With Athena and a planned operating system based on OpenHarmony, we want to establish an independent and private alternative to Android, iOS, and Windows with an unseen frictionless user experience.

Initially, trustedd is targeting the AI sector to help accelerate AI safety and research before expanding organically into other industries. To build a trustedd network of collaborators and creators, an invite-only system will be maintained for those who want to participate. The rollout of invite codes will occur in stages to ensure a controlled launch.

Although this might sound familiar to Elon Musk's ‘Everything App X’ or his idea about ‘Pravda’ with a similar credibility score, we are not affiliated with X Corp in any way. However, we have reached out and invited him as one of 420 ‘Accelerators’ in order to help accelerate AI safety and research. 

Personal demos were made during one of the world's leading tech conferences, Computex 2023 in Taipei, where the Best Products were also awarded.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the future together as ‘one’ community. For the first users, we have several exclusive launch perks like badges, exclusive memberships, and much more coming.

AI Disclaimer: The article was written in assistance with AI but verified and checked, modified, and approved by the author.
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trustedd is a consolidation of several web services with an seamless UX and a transparent review system, allowing you to find trustworthy information and products in seconds, instead of months.


trustedd is a platform designed to foster the growth of knowledge, business ...




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