Qualcomm and Meta pave the way for On-Device AI

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  • 20 Jul 2023 @ 14:13
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Tech giant Qualcomm and social media giant Meta are joining forces to catapult artificial intelligence technology forward, promising on-device AI on flagship Snapdragon phones in 2024. This pioneering move will enable advanced features like intelligent virtual assistants, creative content generators, and more to run independently of an internet connection.

Meta’s recently launched Llama 2 large language model (LLM) forms the backbone of this partnership, and it’s set to bring a wave of new capabilities to our hands. Notably, developers won’t need to rely on an internet connection to harness the Llama 2 model, further extending its utility.

Qualcomm has already demonstrated its prowess in local AI with Stable Diffusion running on a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 smartphone, independent of the internet. The upcoming integration of Llama 2 in next year’s high-end phones marks a significant leap for on-device AI support.

The collaboration between Qualcomm and Meta has broader implications, too. With Llama 2 soon to power various applications without the need for an internet connection, we could witness an explosion of smart virtual assistants, enhanced productivity apps, innovative content creation tools, and more.

Interestingly, Meta has also announced its plans to open-source the Llama 2 model, a move that could democratize AI development further. Developers, researchers, and businesses will have access to more tools to innovate and problem-solve. Moreover, Meta believes that open-sourcing its AI will make it safer, allowing the community to stress test the LLM and identify potential issues faster. It co

Microsoft is also stepping into the fold, with an expanded partnership that will see Microsoft become a preferred partner for Llama 2. The tech titan stated that the new LLM will be supported on Azure and Windows, indicating that Llama 2’s reach is set to extend beyond just mobile devices.

Qualcomm and Meta’s partnership symbolizes a new chapter for on-device AI, and its potential impacts are enormous. As developers begin to explore the capabilities of Llama 2 on Snapdragon phones, the technology landscape of 2024 is looking more exciting than ever. We need to see when this tech will then be available not only by premium smartphones e.g next years Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, but also mid-range devices.

Source: Qualcomm via AndroidAuthority

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