It is time to launch trustedd – how we will do it

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  • 28 Apr 2023 @ 6:46
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Welcome to trustedd, a safe haven, where we can get together, resort, educate and collaborate to build a better tomorrow together Last year, we had to cancel our launch plans due to financial problems, which forced me to resort to going back into stealth mode. As the founder, this was a challenging time because I am fully committed to making my vision of transforming business and education through collaboration a reality. Approximately 4.5 years ago, I came up with the idea for trustedd while facing problems and challenges in planning a scalable online magazine in the blockchain realm, without intrusive display ads. After obtaining valuable and more then just positive feedback for my very first MVP from leaders in the tech and automotive industries at MWC 2019, I realized I had a promising concept on my hands. I have always been a user- and product-centric person, striving to provide the best possible information and user experience. Peter Thiel, in an interview with Forbes, emphasized the importance of a great product, which inspired me to take the harder path and build an entirely new platform unlike anything that already existed.  However, building something and bringing it to market are not the same. Launching a social ecosystem like trustedd requires either millions of dollars for advertising or a good plan, persistence, and the right timing. I couldn't compromise the idea of a decentralized organization, so I had to bootstrap the project and work without VCs, big investors, or development teams. Despite skepticism about whether it was even possible, I found collaborators like Rimon, who saw my vision and helped me reach this point. Now, we can finally open the doors to a new social ecosystem, and the world needs trustedd more than ever.

Why trustedd?

We live in fascinating and fast-paced times, with the speed of development increasing daily. We are experiencing the most significant technological shift in history, with powerful technologies like AI, 5G, robotics, VR/AR, autonomous vehicles, and blockchain converging to create a new connected world. This presents endless possibilities, both good and bad, in a world where big corporations own data from every aspect of our lives. Many, including me, believe that humanity is in a critical situation with wars, economic shifts, and advanced AI systems beyond our control or understanding. With decreasing energy and computing costs, AI development will continue to grow rapidly, making it difficult to predict or discuss its potential implications. AI can be convincingly wrong and spread misinformation, which is dangerous in an already chaotic online environment. trustedd aims to solve these problems and more by providing a space where information, products, services, and courses are transparently validated by communities. This allows authors, sellers, and providers to build a transparent trustedd Score and sell their products and services on autopilot. With an innovative and user-friendly interface, trustedd makes it easy to discover new opportunities, dive deep into any topic or industry, and find curated information and resources quickly. trustedd consolidates multiple websites and services into a seamless user experience without annoying display ads and with a transparent community curation layer. Here you can find my 2-minute pitch for trustedd at Websummit 2019 under the theme "the future of content": 

Launching trustedd

Initially, trustedd will focus on the AI industry, where the need is greatest, and then expand organically into other industries. The platform will be open for everyone to discover, discuss, bookmark, and follow other users, with a virtual AI assistant available in the future. The first 10,000 registered users can earn an exclusive free "Innovator" achievement badge, which grants unique status, exclusive merchandise, early access to features, and more. The next 100,000 users can earn an "Early Adopter" badge with similar benefits. As we launch, we may encounter bugs and errors, which we hope to fix with your help and feedback. Over the next few weeks and months, we will launch all marketplace components quite quickly based on community demand and feedback. Invite-Only for Creators and Businesses Creators, sellers, or marketplace providers will need an invite code to join trustedd. We plan to maintain this invite-only system to build a trustedd network of collaborators and creators. The rollout of invite codes will occur in stages to ensure a controlled and secure launch with community input.

Phase 1 (now):

In the first phase, we will distribute invite codes directly. You can apply for an invite code by filling out an application and joining the waitlist. The code will grant you a free contributor membership to post long-form content or videos and monetize it, or an exclusive "Accelerator" launch membership, where you can become one of 420 exclusive inner circle members, like Polygon, one of the top 10 blockchains. We will select members based on their potential contributions to the platform. The Accelerator membership offers exclusive benefits and access to our marketplaces. For instance, an AI software company can claim a software, assign it to their profile, generate leads on autopilot, and create an engaging community experience. In the coming weeks and months, Accelerators will be able to add jobs, sell services, virtual and physical products, and more. Note that Accelerators will not have special governance rights in the future decentralized organization. Once the 420 Accelerators have joined, we will roll out new subscription plans with simple pricing. Higher subscriptions will come with lower fees for marketplaces and other services, making trustedd accessible for everyone.

Phase 2:

After the soft launch, invite codes will remain an essential aspect of trustedd. Invited members will eventually be able to invite new contributors and sellers. However, their trustedd scores will be linked, so inviting someone who negatively impacts the community will lower your score, while inviting someone helpful will boost your score. More information will be shared as we proceed with the launch. Meanwhile, you can follow us by clicking the "follow" button in the author box below. Relevant links:– Invite-Code Application Form for Creators and Businesses– Mission & Vision– How does trustedd work?– How did I come up with the idea for trustedd?  We started inviting more accelerators and onboarding test users in the following days. After a brief testing period, we will promote the project and invite more users from the contributor waitlist, making it easier for everyone to explore better content. We look forward to building the future together and helping accelerate the adoption of new technologies in a secure and efficient way. Unlock your potential now and join us!

AI Disclaimer: The article was written in assistance with AI but verified and checked, modified, and approved by the author.
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I am excited about the potential and impact of AI. With trustedd I want to help accelerate tech in a save collaborative way.

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trustedd is a consolidation of several web services with an seamless UX and a transparent review system, allowing you to find trustworthy information and products in seconds, instead of months.


trustedd is a platform designed to foster the growth of knowledge, business ...




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