How to Publish Content on A Quick and Easy Guide

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  • 6 Jul 2023 @ 13:15
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Welcome to your guide on publishing content on Before you begin, make sure you have applied for an invite code and joined trustedd as a free contributor member or an exclusive accelerator member.

At trustedd, we strive to simplify the process of publishing content with our intuitive platform, allowing users to easily share diverse content. Please note, our service is currently in its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stage and will undergo continuous enhancements and optimizations over time.

Adding Content to trustedd

Once your invite code is in hand, you can start adding new posts to your profile. Whether your content is original or you want to import existing content from your blog, Medium, or another publicly accessible website, trustedd makes the process straightforward:

  • Navigate to your Dashboard, select "My Posts", then "Create New".
  • Fill out the required fields like title, thumbnail, topics, main content, and AI Disclaimer. Additionally, you can link your post to a specific software tool or resource.

For importing a post:

  • Click on "Remote Content".
  • Insert the URL of your content and click on "Insert".

The platform will attempt to auto-fill most fields, including fetching the appropriate thumbnail image, generating the title, and adding a canonical tag for SEO. Do review the imported content, as depending on the source page, some adjustments may be required.

Editing Your Content

Our rich text editor makes the editing process simple. Regardless of whether your content is manually added or imported, you can easily add images, embed videos, and insert tables to present your content in a way that resonates with your audience.

Publishing Your Content

When you're satisfied with your work, hit "Publish". After a brief moment, you'll receive a notification confirming successful publishing. Your article is now live and visible, with options to further edit or share your content readily available.


That's it! offers a user-friendly platform to add, edit, and share content. We are committed to creating a space that brings immense value to all users. We can't wait to see the insightful and compelling articles that you will share on our platform. If you haven't done so yet, you can apply for an invite-code by filling out this form.

AI Disclaimer: The post was produced in assistance with AI but checked and approved by the author.
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I am excited about the potential and impact of AI. With trustedd I want to help accelerate tech in a save collaborative way.

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trustedd is a consolidation of several web services with an seamless UX and a transparent review system, allowing you to find trustworthy information and products in seconds, instead of months.


trustedd is a platform designed to foster the growth of knowledge, business ...




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