Enhancing Engagement: Updates to the trustedd Score

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  • 20 Jun 2023 @ 15:16
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Visual Example of trustedd Score in trustedd User Profile (Numbers are just examples)

Hello trustedd community,

We're excited to share with you some of the latest updates and future enhancements to our trustedd Score system. Our scoring system is designed to promote engagement, incentivize contribution, and foster a vibrant community of shared knowledge and interaction. Here's an overview:

Current Status of the trustedd Score:

  • User Profiles: Users earn points for completing their profiles and adding a personal bio, providing the community with more valuable insight into their backgrounds and interests.
  • Comments Engagement: Active participation in discussions, sharing insights, and engagement through commenting on articles are rewarded with points.
  • Daily Logins: Consistency pays off! Users who log in and interact on the platform regularly earn points that reflect their commitment to the community.
  • Purchases: Supporting the community through product purchases made within the last 30 days rewards users with points as a token of our appreciation.
  • Content Creation: Users who contribute to the platform's knowledge base through their own content creation not only increase their trustedd Score but also enrich the community's collective understanding.

Planned Features:

While we have a broad roadmap ahead, we will implement different features based on community requests and overall need. These features will be released continuously.

  • trustedd Score Visualization: We will integrate an overview into the user profile, illustrating how each user's trustedd Score has been earned and is calculated.
  • KYC & KYB Profile Verification System: We are planning on integrating a Know Your Customer / Business (KYC & KYB) to verify user profiles, promoting credibility and trust within the community.
  • Comments and Review Score System: We are developing a scoring system for comments and product/content reviews, allowing users to give and receive feedback on quality and reliability.
  • Expert Reviews and Weighted Content: Experts within their fields add significant value to the scoring system. Those who frequently publish high-quality content and maintain a positive like/dislike ratio on their comments can increase their influence in the community.
  • Bonus Score: Stay tuned for exciting bonuses that reward exceptional contributions within the community.

Important Note:

Please note that we are still fine-tuning the trustedd Score system and are working towards a full front-end integration that will display point calculations for each user. As such, the numbers in each user's trustedd Score may vary during this development phase. However, rest assured that we are dedicated to making this feature as transparent and user-friendly as possible.

Also, to rebalance the effect of features not yet implemented, we have added a base score of 1.94 to each user's trustedd Score.

Coming Up

In response to community feedback, we are actively working on overall page improvements and will continue to roll out updates. We ask for your patience as we, as a bootstrapped startup, strive to make these enhancements with limited resources.

We're also thrilled to announce our first community competition – the upcoming 'AI Visionaries Quest'. This is a unique opportunity for content contributors to engage, learn, and share their insights about AI. Interested in joining us? Apply here.

Our mission at trustedd is to continuously improve our platform based on your feedback and suggestions. Your engagement and contributions are the backbone of our community, and we're committed to creating an enriching and rewarding environment for all.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being part of our journey! In the meantime, you can check out our newly released 'How It Works' video for a better understanding of our trustedd platform and ecosystem:

AI Disclaimer: The post was produced in assistance with AI but checked and approved by the author.
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trustedd is a consolidation of several web services with an seamless UX and a transparent review system, allowing you to find trustworthy information and products in seconds, instead of months.

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