Are You the Next AI Visionary? Join the AI Visionary Quest 2023 to Find Out!

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AI Visionary Quest 2023 – trustedd Contributor Competition (Image Source: Midjourney)

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly taken center stage. Its potential for revolutionizing various aspects of our lives is massive, sparking a plethora of ideas, debates, and visions for the future. AI technology is evolving rapidly, often outpacing human understanding of how the systems work. 

Therefore, it is critical to dive deep and collaborate on important topics like AI Safety, given AI's potential to dramatically alter the way we live our lives. We at trustedd are excited to be at the forefront of these discussions, and in that spirit, we are thrilled to announce our first Community Competition – The AI Visionaries Quest.

Keeping abreast of developments in a field can be challenging due to the sheer amount of information published daily. AI is accelerating this issue. From the beginning, trustedd was planned as a community-driven, self-organizing ecosystem. Our unique information structure allows users to delve into any topic as deeply as they wish. Further, trustedd assists users with a transparent rating system and trustedd score, helping them find the right information quickly.

Contributors have various ways to derive value from the contributions they make. For example, they can directly offer their courses, find employees, list software, and, in the future, sell products/services on the platform to generate sales automatically. We are just getting started, but we aim to introduce more monetization options in the future. 

Due to these new ways and much more, we believe trustedd is the ideal platform to accelerate AI development in a more transparent, collaborative, and efficient way, and we invite you to play a leading role in the inception of a thriving community striving for a safer and better future through collaboration and education.

What Is The AI Visionaries Quest?

The AI Visionaries Quest is a six-month competition inviting creators, businesses, technologists, students, professors, or basically anyone with a passion for AI to share their insights about the future of AI. This quest is not just about the technology itself, but also about how AI shapes our societies, economies, and personal lives.

Participants are encouraged to create posts in any form – articles, analyses, videos, infographics, AI models or codes, and more. The subject matter should center around AI, with a focus on its potential future implications.

To foster innovation and expertise across various domains, we have curated ten distinct content categories, including AI Safety. These categories allow participants to compete and showcase their expertise. At the end of the AI Visionaries Quest, winners will be selected from each category, highlighting exceptional contributions in their respective areas.

We're also encouraging our subscriber community to join the discussion. Even if you aren't creating content, your insightful reviews and active engagement are essential for the quest. We will be awarding a prize for the Most Engaged Subscriber too!

How to Participate

Participation in the AI Visionaries Quest requires an active invite-only free contributor or limited Accelerator membership on trustedd. To become a contributor, apply for an invite on trustedd. Our community is open and welcoming, and we're always excited to have new voices join us.

Once your invite is approved, you can create and publish your content on the trustedd platform. Participants can add multiple articles to the competition. Remember, your content should focus on the future of AI. Submit your content to the AI Visionaries Quest by adding the topic "AI Visionary Quest 2023" to your post during creation. In addition, add one of the following topics, depending on the category of your content.

  • AI Ethics and Safety: 
    Topics: AI Ethics, AI Safety, AI Policy
  • AI in Business and Economics:
    Topics: AI Business, AI Economics, AI Industry
  • AI and Society: 

    Topics:  AI Society, AI Social Impact, AI Human Interaction

  • AI in Healthcare: 
    Topics:  AI Healthcare, AI Medical, AI Wellness

  • Future of AI: 
    Topics:  Future of AI, AI Next Gen, AI Visionary

  • AI in Education: 
    Topics: AI Education, AI Personalized Learning, AI Schools

  • AI and Sustainability: 
    Topics:  AI Sustainability, AI Climate Change, AI Green Tech

  • AI in Arts and Entertainment: 
    Topics: AI Arts, AI Entertainment, AI Creativity

  • AI and Data Science: 
    Topics:  AI Data Science, AI Machine Learning, AI Big Data

  • AI and Robotics: 
    Topics:  AI Robotics, AI Autonomous, AI Drones

A minimum of six user reviews are required for the post to be validated and become part of the AI Visionaries Quest. 

Timeline and Rules of the Quest

July 3rd – August 31st (Months 1-2): We launch the competition, start promoting it, and begin accepting applications for invite codes. Approved contributors can start creating and submitting their entries.

September 1st – November 30th (Months 3-5): Continue with content creation and submissions. We maintain promotional efforts and possibly showcase standout entries to stimulate more high-quality submissions.

December 1st – December 31st (Month 6): We close submissions at the end of November. During December, the community can continue to review and vote on the entries, and the system automatically determines the winners based on the defined criteria. We will announce the winners in early January 2024!

Winner Evaluation

The winners will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • The number of points received from the total reviews on their posts
  • The number of bookmarks on their posts
  • The number of social shares of their posts

Mathematically, this can be defined as:

Total Points = (2 * Number of bookmarks) + (Number of social shares) + (Sum of 3 Star Reviews + Sum of 4 Star Reviews * 1.5 + Sum of 5 Star Reviews * 2)

[Idea: 4 Star Reviews give more points than 3 Star Reviews, 5 Star Reviews give more points than 4 Star Reviews; 3 Stars is already considered a solid rating, though]

The most engaged subscriber will be chosen depending on how many AI visionaries quest posts they commented on; only comments with a minimum like to dislike ratio of 70% will be considered. In case of a tie, the user with a better like to dislike ratio will be chosen as a winner; if there is still a tie, the person who has overall created more comments during the competition will be chosen as the winner.


We have an impressive collection of rewards for the winners of the AI Visionaries Quest 2023:

  • The ultimate Grand Prize awaits the overall winner, which includes an exclusive lifetime Accelerator membership, one out of only 420, along with points valued at $500. These points can be used towards acquiring courses, services, and products on the trustedd platform. Their winning contributions will also gain prominence in our trustedd newsletter and on our homepage for a month. To mark their remarkable achievement, they will receive the coveted "AI Visionary Quest Winner Achievement Badge 2023."
  • Category Runner-ups will be awarded points worth $100, redeemable for courses, services, and products on our platform. Their exceptional entries will gain recognition in our trustedd newsletter. As a symbol of their accomplishment, each category runner-up will be awarded an achievement badge named after the category they won, such as the "AI Visionary in AI Ethics and Safety Badge 2023" or the "AI Visionary in AI and Robotics Badge 2023."
  • The Most Engaged Subscriber will receive points worth $100, redeemable for various courses, services, and products on the trustedd platform. Their name will be highlighted in our trustedd newsletter, and they will be awarded the "AI Visionary Quest Engagement Champion Badge 2023" in recognition of their significant involvement and interaction.

Concluding Remarks

At trustedd, we believe in the power of collective intelligence. The AI Visionaries Quest is an embodiment of this belief, a platform for us all to explore the future of AI together and beyond. Whether you are an AI enthusiast, an experienced professional, or just a curious soul, we encourage you to participate in this quest. Join us as we delve into the potential of AI and shape the future together.

Ready for the quest? Start your AI Visionaries Quest today!

Note: As trustedd just recently launched, we will update and push new features like a planned comment rating, leaderboard, and weighting-system for reviews during the competition to enhance the overall user experience and empower our users. 

AI Disclaimer: The post was produced in assistance with AI but checked and approved by the author.
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