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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two ways to benefit from trustedd. As a reader and consumer, you can discover user-curated information, tools, services, and products and explore the world of AI in seconds. As a contributor, professional, or business, you can build a community by sharing information and connecting with your audience. You can also generate high-quality leads and sell your services and products through your profile.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, simply send an email to [email protected] and your purchase will be fully refunded.

The first 10.000 registered users, whether free subscribers or paid Accelerator Members, will receive the Innovator Status (FREE). This status shows that you are ahead of the curve and a part of the largest AI community. The Innovator Status also comes with several perks and discounts.

By joining the exclusive Accelerator Membership, you will receive a special status and badge in your profile. Also your profile will be listed on a unique Accelerator page, listing all accelerators. You will enjoy lower prices on products through a free tier upgrade (price will stay), as well as a 20% higher affiliate commission* and early access to new features. There will also be special giveaways and more. Seats are limited.

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Yes! The Innovator Badge is accessible to anyone. So if you have applied for an Accelerator Membership, you should make sure you sign up as fast as possible as a subscriber to secure your Innovator Perks for FREE.

In the first launch phase you will only be able to apply for an invite code through our form. In the next phase, invited members will be able to invite more people into the Ecosystem.

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The Accelerator Status is bound to your profile and will stay with you, except if you cancel or downgrade within 6 months of the subscription start. We aim to build a strong builder community for the long term.

Yes, you can change your membership at any time with an invite code. The exclusive Accelerator Membership will not be available once the new plans are available.

By obtaining an invite code, you can choose to register for either a free 'Contributor Membership' that allows you to publish posts, or a paid 'Accelerator Membership' that grants you the ability to showcase your services, tools, and products. With this membership, you can establish a strong reputation and earn high-quality leads. On our platform, you will be able to create:

  • Posts: Share helpful and meaningful content to showcase your expertise and engage with the community to build your audience.
  • Services: Offer your expertise in areas such as creative consultations, development, or other AI-related freelancing services like prompt engineering (Coming Soon).
  • Products: Sell digital products like eBooks, prompts, downloads, and more (Coming Soon).
  • Tools: List and sell your tools or apps, and foster a strong relationship with your users through feedback from user reviews and discussions (Coming Soon).
  • Jobs: Find the right employees to grow your team (Coming Soon).
  • Courses: Offer AI eLearning to consumers or businesses, and provide certificate badges to your students (Coming Soon).

Products will be released and prioritized based on community demand.

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To publish on, you will need an 'invite code', which you can receive from other invited members or by filling out the form below. A limited number of contributors and businesses will be invited each month. Once you have the invite code, you can publish posts through the clean and simple Dashboard.

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Yes, you can republish your content. The onboarding process is easy, you can just create a new post under 'My Posts' or just click on 'Import Article' in the 'Create Post' page and enter the URL of your existing post to import it automatically. Note that some formatting options may not be imported and some sites may not work.

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No, sharing knowledge on is always free, though free memberships may have limits on how many posts you can publish. Also you will need an invite code

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Anyone can read your posts for free without an Trustedd account. Non-community members can also sign up for a free subscriber account, which allows them to comment, follow other users, and more.

Your efforts and impact in your niche and industry are reflected in your Trustedd Score on Your score is a transparent representation of your contributions and is increased by making helpful comments, curating the platform, and publishing high-quality content.

Yes, there is an Affiliate Program available. As an Affiliate, you will receive commission on subscriptions, job listings, and future transactions in the marketplace. With the Accelerator Membership, you will receive 20% on top of any normal referral commission.

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