Our Web Summit experience and launch in 2020

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  • 19 Nov 2019 @ 13:21
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We are just a few days back from exhibiting at Web Summit 2019. We're proud that we could be a part of it as a BETA startup. We had the opportunity to talk to many different founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. We heard a lot of exciting stories and saw many great teams presenting their projects during multiple events and walking through the different pavilions.

Our goal was to get more awareness and get some first users with whom we will open the Early Access Programm. Frankly, we got great feedback during our convention and got quoted as 'the Trustpilot of information.' We could even invite and win several 'first members' who committed to share their knowledge and insights to build an audience on trustedd.   

During our exhibition day, we were showcasing trustedd on stage in front of a bigger audience under the theme 'the future of content.' We took the chance and pitched in two minutes why the internet is like the wild west of information and how we are going to fix it with trustedd:

All in all, the Web Summit 2019 was an important event from which we could learn a lot. In another post, we share more insights from an exhibitor's point of view. So what is next?

Early Access at the beginning of 2020

We made in the last month quite a process in development to finalize the community platform, but we are not quite their yet. We were trying hard to meet our expectations and let first users on the platform by the end of November. Unfortunately, we have to delay the Early Access and launch of trustedd for a few weeks.  

In respect of the upcoming busy holiday season, we decided to open the platform for the first users in Early 2020. 

We are already very excited and want to thank you for your patience and interest in making the world smarter, faster. 

If you haven't signed up yet, it is your chance to become one of the first members of a trustedd community where people and businesses share and curate information to educate, collaborate, and grow. The platform will be invite-only for those who want to build an audience. To get early access, you can apply by filling out our form.

In the next weeks, we will share more information about the pre-launch and benefits of being in the trustedd community. Stay tuned and follow us at Twitter or LinkedIn.

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