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  • 25 Oct 2019 @ 4:50
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For several months, trustedd has been in stealth mode. Almost exactly one year ago, I came up with the idea of trustedd after encountering several problems while planning to start another online magazine. 

After getting feedback from some of the most prominent leaders in the tech and mobility industries, I knew that I was on to something. My previous experience had taught me that the go-to-market is hard. 

I am and have always been a very product-centric person. I wanted to give people the best possible product. As Peter Thiel explained in an interview with Forbes: "the core thing is a great product." So, I took the harder path and tried to build an entirely new platform unlike anything that already existed — and to do this still quickly, for the lowest possible cost. 

I am thankful for my excellent team, especially Senior Engineer Rimon Habib and his Team Shiplu and Arthi, who made trustedd to become a reality. Finding the right developers was a crucial and costly process due to some trials and errors. 

So, here we are now, almost ready to open the doors to trustedd. We are officially in the pre-pre launch phase. You might wonder why we haven't been more active already. While I had in the background already several talks with industry leaders, we wanted to get closer to the product launch. 

Building a community and not knowing when you can deliver the product can get messy and turn off the excitement. Looking back, I am glad we made this decision. We are a super small team and don't have any external investors. And as with every project, unpredicted things are happening. 

The more we are excited to be chosen as a BETA startup at this year's Web Summit 2019. We will show the first time, the platform to a broader audience. 

What's next? 

Pre-launch of trustedd

trustedd will go into the pre-launch phase later in November, where we will invite the 'first 50' users on the platform. These will be a mix of all three member types we will have: subscribers, contributors, and business users. 

In the free pre-launch phase, our goal is to get more feedback about the platform, present different use cases, and make sure everything works as planned.

Meanwhile, users can join our waitlist and apply for early access to get an invite to become a 'first 100' user. 

Once we are ready, we will open it up to the next 50 users. During this time, we will work on different optimizations and the feedback we receive. 

Depending on where we are, we will repeat this process. Once we have sorted out the right market fit and overcame the common technical challenges, we will announce the future pricing for business users. 

Official product launch - this is going to be different

Publishing here, marketplace there, in the end, trustedd is still a social media network. We want to build a network of trustedd users. 

When we officially launch, everybody can become a free subscriber to comment on and react to posts, bookmark content, message, or follow other users. If you want to publish a post, product, or service on trustedd, you will still need to apply for an invite code if you haven't. For this, you will need either a free contributor membership or a paid business membership.

Even after the pre-launch phase, the invite code will be a vital element of trustedd. It will be another way in which a contributor or business user can build a reputation on trustedd. 

When we launch, we will invite every month a specific number of users on the platform. We will also start the invitation system for users. If you are a 'first 100' member, you will be able to invite a specific number of other contributors or business users to the platform. There is a catch, though: users gain points based on the contributions their invitees make and lose points based on any negative invitee behavior. So you'd better think twice about whom you want to invite. 

Also, during all launch phases, we will invite founding members. These founding members will be users who helped us get to where we are now. It can also be "influencers" in our platform's core topics, providing a great example of what we are doing.

In the coming days and weeks, we will update and share more information about trustedd. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or facebook.  If you would like to become a member of trustedd, you can find more information here.

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