Our mission is to give everybody the freedom to educate themselves with the best information and bring the right people, companies and organizations together to share information and collaborate to grow businesses and foster innovation and the adoption of new technologies.
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Trust content, business partners, products, and services in an instant – No Research Needed!

With the joint mission of the Founding Members to foster innovation and accelerate the adoption of new technologies, we are creating a decentralized, transparent and user curated environment to onboard more users and businesses into web 3. 

There are quote one quote ‘experts’ out there and then, there are real experts. But how do differentiate the real group of experts from the wanna-be-ones if you’re not an expert in any given field yourself? That’s the real question.

And it was one that Christof Wallner was facing while he was searching for experts and service providers to contribute to a new project he was planning. Christof tried to find and evaluate experts in a new technological field to build an independent online magazine about new technologies he didn’t know much about.

The same questions kept coming up:
How can a business get started with new technologies?
How can companies evaluate the potential without being an expert in that field?
How can you avoid getting the wrong information or even, getting scammed from self-proclaimed experts?

He knew the importance of information. But realized how hard it was to find trustworthy, capable, and talented partners that you could rely on. He was amazed at how difficult it was to find helpful information on a topic. BUT a few experts wanted to share their knowledge in the form of unique high-quality content like case studies, guides, or stories about how their clients could benefit from working with this new technology in different realms.
And one day it hit him, and he had the picture in mind!

The infamous “a-ha” moment.

After weeks of trial and error to reinvent his idea, the intrinsic need to build a platform which is clean and simple to use, the need to stay independent to build a great community, and the desire to help other people that are having difficulties finding out what they want to do and how – TRUSTEDD was born.

At trustedd our mission is to give everybody the freedom to educate themselves with the best information and bring the right people, companies, and organizations together to share information and collaborate to grow businesses and foster innovation and the adoption of new technologies.

University degrees are a thing of the past when it comes to the field of business.

Things are moving too fast in this world.

A transparent and bullet-proof reputation nowadays is built around trust. Trust you’ve earned and achieved by sharing your unique knowledge and experience. And by sharing your expertise and vision, the right people can connect and collaborate.

To further build your reputation, we enable our users to curate the shared information on the platform. And our goal is to bring the best possible information and education to everybody.

To transparently show the earned reputation and trust, the user accumulates a trustedd score for actions like publishing great content or making other contributions to the platform.

The trustedd score of an individual or a company reflects the activity and efforts proving his expertise in the topics he contributed in. So, you will be able to compare potential partners within a specific topic within seconds.

To incentivize the distribution of knowledge and support collaboration, we encourage users through action and creating value. We let them directly promote their services and products on their profile.

By connecting all these factors, you’ll feel confident and know exactly which experts, services and products are legitimate and worthy of your trust – WITHOUT having to waste time and resources on extensive research. It does not matter whether you are a big corporation, an individual with specific knowledge, or a startup that wants to change the future: Skip the buzzwords and share what you got.

This way you’re going to establish yourself as a true innovator and help others educate themselves with real information that will help you, in return, gain new customers and collaborators.
On our journey, we will give full power and control back to the people. So together, we are not only building a new social media platform and marketplace, but rather, a new web 3 ecosystem where information is key.ation is key.

We are just building the foundation, an open platform that gives you the tools and provides the right environment so you can save valuable resources when looking for trustworthy information, business partners, useful services, solutions, and products. We even enable you to create value and generate income in different ways so that you can grow your business in collaboration with others to foster innovation.

But… we can only do so much. We need your help; we need expertise to make changes to the current broken system. That is why we built an invite-only community of contributors and professionals, the Founding Members, to start-up the trusted network.

You will get the clean interface and intuitive user experience you deserve. We focus on what is important and to do so, even getting rid of the irritating display of advertising or paywalls so that you can find what you are looking for and educate yourself without any distractions.

Our Team

Christof Wallner

Founder & CEO of trustedd

Malik Haseeb

Lead Developer and AI Specialist

Muhammad Hamza

Lead Developer 

Haziq Ajam Malik



Developer (PoC)




Frontend Developer (PoC)




Community & Social Manager

Scott McKanzie


Andre Z.


and more…

Big thanks for everyone who supported the vision of trustedd in the last years and helped us to get us here where we are now. It is still early…




To initiate the new trustedd social web 3 platform, we welcome you as a Founding Members.  We will bring 10.000 unique trustedd Founding Members as NFTs to life. The Genesis Avatars represent people, businesses, and organizations who want to share and helping curate transparently information to foster innovation and support the adoption of new technologies and bring humanity to a new level.

For Experts & Businesses

Experts and businesses, especially in B2B, have found it hard to build a transparent reputation and miss out on revenue due to missed clients or potential users. On the other side, businesses have to go through an extensive research process to find the right partners, services, products, and employees. trustedd connects users through shared and curated content. Within seconds you can identify potential partners, trustedd projects, and strip down the first phase of the recruitment process.

For Traders & Investors

Traders and Investors rely on the information they consume. Fast and accurate information is key to success for any trader and investor. trustedd incentivizes content sharing on the platform. In the future, we will go even further and let users directly invest in projects through a launchpad with many surprises for Founding Members. 

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