The Founding Members are arriving to ignite a Web 3 Social Publishing Platform & Metaverse

Trust content, business partners, products, and services in an instant – No Research Needed!

With the joint mission of the Founding Members to foster innovation and accelerate the adoption of new technologies, we are creating a decentralized, transparent and user curated environment to onboard more users and businesses into web 3. 

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Innovator Pass

The exclusive Innovator Pass (supply 250) gives guaranteed access to mint a Founding Member NFTs. Holders will enjoy double Airdrop tokens, exclusive free Merch, Access to an exclusive inner circle in Discord and more.

Free Mint

As a community driven Project we give 3000 Early Supporters the chance to mint one of our AI-designed metaverse-ready 3d Avatars for FREE and enjoy all the benefits & perks that are coming with it.

Dutch Auction

With a Dutch Auction we want to find a fair price for our unique and innovative 3d Avatars and our revolutionary trustedd ecosystem. Exact Start and Floor Prices will be announced soon.

Metaverse-Ready AI-designed 3D Avatars with Rarity​

THE GENESIS NFT Become A Founding Member

Join the exclusive Founding Members NFT Drop of trustedd. Through the communities on the trustedd Social Publishing Platform & Web 3 Ecosystem, we want to collectively foster innovation and the adoption of new technologies through education & collaboration.

The Genesis NFT Collection goes beyond PFP-Art, and marks the next generation of NFTs, you can see it as the “iPhone of NFTs”. We have created beauty through custom Machine Learning Algorithms that generated unbelievable Art with infinite possibilities and utility. With the 3D Avatar we will connect reality, metaverses and our new Social Web 3 Platform in way that has never been seen before.

The trustedd Founding Member NFTs are the first ever 10.000 ready-to-use, 1/1 unique and rare 3D Avatars – evenly split between 5000 Female & 5000 Male. As a Holder of a Founding Member NFT you will get access to to ready to use and continuously updated Source Files. See an example of the Avatar and find out in our Introduction Video how important they will become in the future in the upcoming trustedd Social Web 3 Ecosystem:

With the joint power of the Founding Members, we will build the foundation of the trustedd Ecosystem to secure its decentralization and growth.

The trustedd 3D Avatars are generated digital Art Avatars, which are not only unique but come with a functional design to break the limits of reality.


Exclusive Innnovator Pass Claim your "VIP Access Pass" now

While the Public Sale and Free Mints will be held through a Dutch Auction at an yet unannounced date at beginning / mid of May, some of our Early Supports might not be able to purchase the Avatars due to the higher starting price. Therefore we create an exclusive “VIP-Pass” for our Early Supporters with additional long-term Perks e.g. double the $trustedd Airdrop Token at a fixed price of 0.15 ETH per Innovator Pass.

The open Innovator Pass Sale will happen through a stealth mint and will be limited to 250 Innovator Passes and have a max.  capacity 1x Innovator Pass per Wallet. We will announce the open stealth mint  a few hours before in our Discord and on Twitter (first come, first serve).

Why Buy a Innovator Pass?


trustedd Founding Member NFT BENEFITS

Free Premium Access for trustedd Platform

Will be further implemented in the trustedd platform and beyond.

Early Access to New Features of the platform

Access to 3d Avatar, Artwork, Sourcefiles incl. Commercial Rights

Genesis Collection Limit

5000 Female & 5000 Male full-body 3d Avatars

Dutch Aution Price


secured by leading Custody & AML Provider

Placement on dedicated default trustedd Homescreen Widget (like Sponsoring)



with Rarity

Exclusive & Discounted Merch Access

Receive an Airdrop of the trustedd Utility Token

Ready-to-use in Metaverses, Games, AR-Apps, Twitch, Zoom-Calls, ... (VRM-File)

Only FM holders will be eligible to apply for & receive contribution rights.

Who is already a Founding Member

See our Early Supporters and Invited Founding Members of trustedd, who will in future build and grow their audience on the trustedd. 


aka Stefan W., Tech Influencer
Youtube: 438k
Tiktok: 1M


Leading platform for Ethereum scaling

Tax Solutions for Traders, Institutions


aka Franz Feuerer, Tech-Youtuber and Tech Nerd
Youtube: 419k

Balazs Gal

Tech Influencer , Frequent Traveler with Tech Gadget Addiction

M.Danish Ashraf

Co-Founder and T at Synapsify Systems

Maurice Kataszek

Cofounder and CFO at AIOBC

Florian Wimmer

Forbes 30 under 30, CEO at

“trustedd is one of the best approaches in the direction of a self-organized ecosystem I have seen. A solution is desperately needed when it comes to quality information and product sharing.” – Florian Wimmer

More coming soon…

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The internet can be seen as the wild west of information, services, and products. Finding reliable and trustworthy information is challenging. Content needs to be questioned and manually cross-referenced to verify the correctness of the information.

Finding Products & Services

Finding the right business partners, services, dapps or other products requires time, money and always inherits uncertainty about trustworthiness and quality.

Why trustedd Business & Education reimagined


Through the increasing value of the crypto market, the number of scams are soaring. Examples include investment scams, links to phishing sites, and bad or misinformed education sites.


Generating new leads and sales for a product or service is a long and expensive process. On the other hand, there are only a few ways to monetize quality content, and often has a major impact on the user’s privacy.

The trustedd Platform & Ecosystem

trustedd consolidates different Web 2.0 services like LinkedIn, Google and Amazon with one simple to use User Experience. With the new “Tablet OS like” homescreen, users will be able to choose themselves which content they want to see. It will also give developers and businesses a new window, to make content easily accessible.

Earn Rewards

By curating the platform, directly promoting your services or products, finding jobs in innovative businesses, or through learn & earn sponsorings.

Grow an audience and build a reputation

While building a reputation transparently in your industry by sharing and curating information and earning tokens as a reward.

Save time and money

When searching for trustworthy crypto information, business partners, employees, products, or services.

Powered by the community

After progressively transforming trustedd into a DAO, the community will govern the platform & ecosystem. In this way we will give back the power and privacy to the people.

trustedd Ecosystem Overview

We at trustedd believe in a Multichain Future. This is why trustedd is structured to become an Open Web 3 Platform that will be governed by a DAO and connecting all realities through one experience. After bringing the Founding Members 3d Avatars to life, we will launch a (centralized) Proof of Concept and then further invest in a fully decentralized Ecosystem and set up a legal DAO and its future trustedd Utility Token. 

Use cases

News, Education & Research

Especially the crypto and blockchain space is growing explosively in many industries, while the complexity is also increasing. This makes it harder to get into crypto, stay on track, or innovate. Read More...

For Traders & Investors

Traders and Investors rely on the information they consume. Fast and accurate information is key to success for any trader and investor. Read More...

For Experts & Businesses

Experts and businesses, especially in B2B, have found it hard to build a transparent reputation and miss out on revenue due to missed clients or potential users. Read More...

How it works in 99 Seconds

$trustedd Utility Token

Get Discount for Memberships, Job Listings, Fees and other services in the marketplace.

Can be earned through contributions on the platform, like publishing and curating content, reading or watching sponsored content, moderation, and more.

The trustedd token will be used for governance in the upcoming regulated trustedd DAO. Users will be able to vote on changes, Priority of Features, and more.

Other possible use cases: launchpad listing fees, Staking Rewards,…

NFT Roadmap The Ignition has begun

The trustedd Space gets ignited through the release of the Founding Members Genesis Collection and support from the early invited Founding Members.

We randomly giveaway 10 NFTs for the first 100 Addresses which minted a Founding Member


Launch of trustedd's invite-only MVP. Invites can be only applied by Founding Members in the first Phases of the Launch.


We will donate Parts (1%) of the trustedd FM Sale Proceeds to support people in Ukraine. In addition, we will donate through TheGivingBlock to projects which align with trustedd's values: BuildwithBitcoin | Parity | Logout


Launch of exclusive trustedd Merchandise and Shop with many specials and potential Hardware (Webcam for optimized 3D capture) in the future


Launch of trustedd DAO & Utility Token, and further invest to build a fully decentralized trustedd Ecosystem after launch of the PoC and the community Feedback.

As a user-first ecosystem we will launch a special trustedd Token Airdrop Affiliate Program, which will allow us to grow a trustedd Network of users and in the same time, decentralize the ecosystem and its tokens.

Our Team

Christof Wallner

Founder & CEO of trustedd